Rope Challenge Course Setup

A Rope Course is a challenging outdoor personal development and team building activity. Mars has designed and constructed many rope courses all over Karnataka. The challenge courses can be temporarily created for an event or can be constructed permanently.
An 8 activity Rope Challenge Course has been setup at Somanahalli, Off Kanakapura Road, 35kms from Bangalore. Rope Challenge creation in Madikeri is another example of permanent Challenge Course. The Course consist of over 30 different challenges of varied difficulty level. At Somanahalli, cement poles have been used to create the structure. Whereas, at Madikeri, activities have been setup on trees.

Temporary challenge courses comprise of normally 4-5 different activites. Some examples are river crossing, rappelling, bridge crossing, zip line, etc. The course is ideal for with-in city limit rope thrills. Challenge courses meet a number of educational, developmental and recreational goals. It forces the participants to confront ones fears and anxieties, which sometimes is a diffcult task to perfom.
Rope Challenge Courses have been setup by Mars at various places including Somanahalli and Bangalore as well.

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