Rope Techniques Course

Rope Techniques, the course is essential for working on high rises. The course appeals to avid climbers and enthusiasts alike. Climbers can hone their rope technique skills and enthusiasts get an opportunity to learn a very different and unique skill. Efficient handling of ropes can be a life saver in many circumstances. For people who regularly visit inhospitable environments and who like to put themselves in difficult situations, many times rope is the only thing that is accessible to them. An efficient rope handler can save himself and his/her mates as well. For example, glass cleaners who work on High rise structures, Telecom tower/ Wind mills.
The skills are useful in various fields like glass cleaning, maintenance and servicing of wind mills/telecom towers, for miners, etc. The courses are conducted in three different phases, Basic level, Moderate level and Advanced level. The Course is conducted at PLAY, Off Sarjapur Road, Bangalore. The location is equipped with a climbing wall and high horizontal beams, essenstial for the rope courses.