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Mobile Climbing Wall

Mobile Climbing Wall

Artificial Climbing Wall is an artificially constructed climbing structure with holds for hand and feet. The climbing wall can be a permanent setup or can be erected for short durations.

It provides an ideal opportunity for people who have an adventurous side but are very busy or do not get the opportunity or they do not have the access to such a facility. Climbing makes people learn as how to push the limit, as not to give up, as to always aim higher. This is an opportunity for parents to expose their children to a challenge of a very different kind, opportunity for schools to have jewel of a sport in their curriculum and a unique opportunity for corporate firms to make their employees ready for the challenges in corporate world in a different way.

Mobile Climbing Wall can be setup in an open area or against an existing structure such as concrete/brick wall or poles or trees.

For the purpose of mobile climbing wall, Mars has a highly mobile, flexible and light weight climbing structure which is ideal for corporate team building/recreation events, school/college events and functions for kids. The mobile climbing wall can be setup at a very short notice and poses minimum hassles in its transportation. Mobile Climbing Wall setup as a part of 10 year celebrations for an IT firm in Hyderabad.

Mobile Climbing wall has been used at several schools as part of their outdoor activities setup and at several birthday parties as well. It has also been used at Garuda Mall Bangalore, Forum Mall Bangalore, Palace Grounds Bangalore, Hyderabad, Vizag and Chickmagalur.

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